7 Things to Look For in Boat Mechanic Schools

Are you considering a career in ship repair and/or working on personal watercraft? Are you looking for quality marine mechanic training? Marine mechanic jobs can be exciting and rewarding, but proper training and experience are essential in this increasing technical field.

There are many marine mechanic schools offering training in boat motor repair and maintenance. But not all such schools are created equal. Where you get your education can impact your value to potential employers.

Here are seven important things to look for when considering boat mechanic schools:

  • Reputation. Graduating from a known and respected school has its advantages in all fields, including marine mechanic training. Don’t just rely on your own knowledge and experience; Ask potential employers about the boat mechanic schools they recommend.
  • History. Training schools come and go. To get the most from your education investment, look for a school that has been around long enough to make a name for itself, to have numerous alumni working in the industry and to establish strong relationships with employers and the local community.
  • Facilities. Effective marine mechanic training requires access to sophisticated equipment, and a lot of it. What kind of workshop facilities do your potential training schools have? What range of engines and systems will you get to work on? Do these represent the kinds of marine equipment that current dominates the market?
  • Instructors. What kind of background do the marine technology training school’s instructors have? Ideally, you want instructors who have both a strong academic background and considerable experience working in the marine technology industry.
  • Class Sizes. Learning a specialized craft like ship and boat motor repair requires a lot of hands-on training and individualized attention. Classes need to be small enough that you can get direct access to your instructors as well as sufficient time working with the technology.
  • Career Services. The reason to go to a marine mechanic training school is to get the education, training and support you need to get a job in the marine technology field. In addition to providing a solid education, a good should be able to put you in contact with potential employers and coach you on how to land the kind of job you’ve been trained for.
  • Financing. A quality marine mechanic school should be able to help you acquire low-cost financing for your education.

In the end, there are a number of marine mechanic training schools. Follow these seven tips, and look for programs that cover a wide range of essential subjects, such as:

  • Vessel Power Transmission
  • Inboard Engine Propulsion Systems
  • Diesel Engines, Power Generation and Marine Electronics
  • Outboard Engine Propulsion Systems
  • And More…