The Responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer

Many mechanical engineering employers will ask for at least two years experience within the industry, but it does vary depending on the company. Mechanical engineers have to spend some of their time reviewing mechanical designs and processes and providing suggestions for enhancement and improvement.

Mechanical engineers also have to set up new systems from scratch and take them through to the final stage. This includes monitoring progress along the way and adapting designs that show signs of weakness or malfunction.

Some of the more general responsibilities of a mechanical engineer have been mentioned above. However, some employers will ask for very specific skills and in order to prepare you for this some of them are listed below:

• Industrial Fire Protection knowledge.
• Materials handling.
• Equipment sizing.
• Equipment designing.
• Product reliability tests.
• Mathematical modelling and Computer Aided Design.
• Putting together product specifications.
• Testing mechanical engineering theories.
• Explaining how to solve complex problems to other team members and clients.
• Project management.
• Training up other mechanical engineers.
• Development of new materials and technologies.

If you are thinking of becoming a mechanical engineer then you will need to obtain several qualifications and get yourself some solid experience. You will need to get a high quality honours degree in order to get noticed by employers. However, don’t be put off because good work experience is equally valued by employers.

If you want to become a chartered engineer then you will need to get an accredited MEng degree. There are some other courses you can take that essentially mean the same thing, but before you do any courses make sure that they are accredited by and engineering industry expert. Some employers will also ask for a relevant masters degree or equivalent. There are lots of different training courses available that will help you to top up your skills and enhance your CV.

If you are looking for an engineering job and feel you have the relevant qualifications and experience, try searching online for engineering jobs or contacting a high quality engineering recruitment company.

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