Top 5 Reasons to Select an ASE Certified Mechanic to Repair Your Car

It’s time. Your car needs a repair and you didn’t plan for it ahead – tsk, tsk. Now you need to find a good, dependable, quality mechanic, stat! Where do you go? How do you choose? There are many ways to evaluate mechanics and compare one against another, but one key way is to select an ASE Certified Mechanic. You’ve probably heard the phrase “ASE Certified” in relation to vehicles before, but what does it mean and why is it good? It refers to the National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence. The certification has been in existence since 1972 and here’s all you need to know about why you should only select an ASE Certified Mechanic to repair your car.

1) ASE Certified mechanics have to pass a specialized exam. There are eight different specialties available for a mechanic to choose to be certified in. The specialization could be in specific areas such as: engine repair, automotive trans/transaxle, manual drive train and axles, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical / electronic systems, heating and air conditioning, or engine performance. Now, just passing an exam doesn’t necessarily make a mechanic qualified to work on your car; however, it does show that they have been educated in the specifics of how to diagnose and repair the components contained within their chosen specialty.

2) To be ASE Certified, you can’t just pass the exam. One is also required to have at least two years of ‘relevant’ work experience. Now we’re talking! So they have to pass a test and then work in the field for at least two years before they are eligible to be certified by the ASE.

3) The ASE also has higher levels of education, seriously, for mechanics. That’s something to be impressed with in any profession. The ability to, and the subsequent decision to pursue continuing education to become a Certified Master Mechanic shows me that this mechanic both loves his craft and appreciates that it’s an ever-changing field with these fast-paced technology advancements in the auto-making industry. An Master Mechanic has passed all eight specialty exams!

4) Ethics. In addition to the training and work-requirements, an ASE Certified Mechanic is held accountable to a commitment he or she has made to only engage in ethical business practices. Finally! A mechanic we can trust!

5) ASE Certified Mechanics are sought after by the most reputable dealerships and garages; why wouldn’t you demand the same level of professionalism and training that others in the industry require?

Seriously though, most mechanics are good honest citizens just trying to make a living doing something they enjoy or have always been good at. But we’ve all heard the horror stories of shiesters and crooks in the auto mechanic industry, and quite frankly it’s made us gun-shy. Asking for a mechanics certifications and only choosing ASE Certified Mechanics do perform your auto repairs will save you a tremendous amount of worry and headaches down the road. It’s nice to just not have to worry about whether it’s being done right and whether you’re being treated fair. An ASE Certified Mechanic takes the stress out of car repairs.